Christmas gifts from Goodwill

Christmas gifts from Goodwill

I started this blog with good intentions about keeping a regular schedule and posting weekly but then the holiday and life got in the way.  So now I have to get back on track and starting posting!  Let me pour a cup of tea and I’ll be right back….

So, how was your holiday?  Hope it was wonderful and filled with love and family.  Mine was.  I had family come from North Jersey and Virginia for the weekend before the holiday and they stayed nearby in a motel while the “kids” ages 22-36 crashed all over the house, wherever they could find space for a blow-up mattress.  The baby, my grandson, was the hit of the weekend and we all enjoyed watching him figure out how to open his gifts.  He got lots of presents and had a blast with the wrapping paper!  We had a lot of fun with the gift exchange and it’s now a tradition to be included every year. The food and wine were plentiful and it was great to see everyone.  One by one, they had to leave for work or other commitments and it was sad to see them go.  It’s the only time of year that we are all together and it also was the first year that my husband was not part of the group, but more about that another time.

So, once all were gone, my son and his family went to his in-laws for Christmas Eve and Day, then back home with me for dinner, where the baby got more presents, actually his third celebration!  This has been a rough year for me so I had to be creative in order to have gifts for him so most of my shopping was done at Goodwill where I found tons of toys that looked to be new and only cost .99 per pound.  Another time, I’ll write about the Goodwill my girlfriend and I found and share some of the bargains that we have bagged there.  I found some ideas on Pinterest too and made Sensory Bottles and bought an oil pan at Wal-Mart that he could put magnetic letters on so was in pretty good shape with gifts.

Magnetic Letter Board

Magnetic Letter Board

With the things I found at Goodwill and the rocking zebra from Michael’s that I painted, my grandson had a nice little pile of presents.I didn’t spend much but they were gifts from the heart!

Zebra for grandson

Zebra for grandson

Now the New Year is starting and I am determined to get back to the daily smoothie, filled with my five servings of fruit and vegetables.  I’m trying to be a healthy eater but it’s hard to feel like cooking when I get home from work so I am hopeful the smoothies will fill in the gaps.

One of the things I realized is that when I wrote my introduction for the blog, I didn’t talk at all about much personal stuff so in future posts, I’ll be filling you in on work, hobbies, books that I’ve read,  how sad and hard it’s been to be separated from my husband after 30 years of marriage, and how hard it’s been to figure out how to grow older while my brain is telling me that I’m still only 30.  Ok, maybe 40.  Lol! It’s definitely a journey for the strong.  So, stay tuned and I hope you keep coming back to read more!  I’m off to get another cup of tea, and a book (love to read!).

Michele (Shelley to my high school friends!)

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