My Beach Day


beach2I had my first 2014 day at the shore this past Sunday and it was great.  I’ve been a Jersey Shore Kid since I was a baby and have many happy memories of the beach, boardwalk, family, fishing, crabbing, and food.  I grew up in North Jersey so my first memories were from Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights but now I live in South Jersey so the closer shore is Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Cape May.

My friend and I have a beach that we like in Cape May and if we get there early enough, we get the one free Handicap parking stall and get on the beach before they start with badges so that’s the plan during the season.  I guess it wasn’t necessary to go so early in April but we did, and then froze our butts off!  We got there by 8:00 after a stop at WaWa for coffee and walked out onto the sand, and stopped.  It was ice cold!  We had the usual stuff, blankets, chairs, and tote bags but instead of laying on the blankets, we wrapped up in them!  And stayed wrapped up for several hours while we waited for the promised 70 degrees.kathy

Being on the beach gives me a peaceful feeling and I love just watching the waves.  I have a cane that I use for the beach and it’s a bit of a mess now but good for tromping through the sand and going into the water.  I don’t get in far but I refuse to stay out and we are actually going to look for a bay beach so we can sit in our chairs while lounging in the water.  Anyway, we spent hours enjoying the sun and water, just relaxing and talking while we waited for the sun to rise.  After a few hours, we were able to unwrap and actually came home with some sunburn!  (I normally use sunblock but it was too chilly to even think about applying it.)

We finished up the day at the Cape May Ferry and sat for a few hours just watching the ferries come in and go out.  We will be going to the shore as many times as we can this summer, only off together every other weekend, and we both love the ocean.  We have been friends since 1970 and it’s so great that we can still get together and have fun.

Hopefully, the next time we go, it’ll be a little warmer and we can actually uncover a little skin!mebeach

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  1. Haha that’s so crazy because I was at the shore Saturday and it was almost hot… I think I may have even sweated a little bit too. Glad you got out there tho.. make the most of all you do no matter. #love


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