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Who Will You Choose?


This isn’t the blog post that I had intended to write but I feel compelled to write this after reading several posts on Facebook this morning.

Every one of us has a different reality.  When I left high school, head filled with dreams for the future, I didn’t envision the life I ended up with.  Some of my choices were spot-on, some could have used improvement, and some should have been discarded before I acted on them.  But, it is what it is, was what it was, and here I am now with my life.  It’s not a bad life but definitely could be better.

Here’s my reality now.  I’m almost 67 years old and due to several circumstances, had to start over with life at about age 60.  No great detail needed and if you’ve been reading my blog posts you have somewhat of a picture of what I’ve been through.  But, for those of you who haven’t, briefly, I was downsized out of a job I loved, managed to find another one almost as good, lost that one due to health related issues, had my right hip replaced twice, dislocated it, found out my husband wanted a separation from our 30-year marriage, used up 2 years of unemployment and could only find a part time job paying 8.75 an hour when it ended, divorced, almost lost my house, lost my Medicare, and used up all of my savings.  Fast forward to now, and I’m working full time, saved my house, have gotten back on my feet, well, sort of, got my Medicare back, and finally can take a breath.

So by now you’re probably wondering what this post is really about.  It’s about the election that is coming in November and why people choose whom they support for President.  We make our choices based on our reality, our life experiences, our needs, and choose the person whom we think will answer the needs that we have for our future.  In my case, I’m a woman alone, no financial cushion, no safety net, and I have no choice but to work until I can collect the maximum Social Security.  And will continue to work beyond that as long as I can.  I will hopefully make it to 70 but my arthritis is progressing and I have knee surgery in my future.  It’s getting harder to walk and sitting all day at work is worsening my knees.  I want to retire now but can’t.  And maybe never will.  I have pain, don’t sleep well because of arthritis, fight sleep during my hour drive to work and my hour drive home, and feel drained when I get to work and drained when I get home.  I loved my husband and never expected to be alone at this age; our retirement plan was for two and we would have been fine financially.  Well……. Surprise!

So, my needs might be very different from yours.  I am looking towards a future that includes Social Security, hopefully increased and expanded.  I need affordable health care which for me, Medicare plus another plan is not, and I need to know that I won’t end up living in a homeless shelter or a motel when I’m older.  So the person I choose to support is based on these needs and the needs of my family.  I need a president who is not dividing our country with racism because I have a Biracial son and grandson.  I need a president who understands how many Americans are in desperate need of Social Security and health care that works for us all.  I need a president who understands that we are a diverse nation because my family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances are White, Black, Brown, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, old, young, fat, thin, here legally and illegally, intelligent, good jobs, crappy jobs, hard-working, doing their best….People.  I need a president who will unify us, help those in need, make things fair for all, and who cares about WE THE PEOPLE. And I need a president who will not get us involved in constant war so my grandson will be safe.  We already are great.  Sure, we could be better. We should all be life-long learners, helping our fellow man, doing good for others, sharing our knowledge, not judging, living in harmony with others, sharing bathrooms, etc.  This part definitely needs improvement, especially lately.

So my friends, when you disparage someone for their choice for president, keep in mind that you don’t know their reality, their needs, their past, their present, or their future.  And you don’t know who they feel safest about choosing, the one they feel understands their needs for their life.  Our choice for president is a very personal one.  I get that you may not like my choice but if you care about me at all, you owe respect for my choice as I owe for yours, even if I think you’re crazy for choosing that person!  And if you don’t care about me, that’s OK but hopefully you still can respect my choice as I will respect yours.

So, I’m off my soap box and need a cup of tea.  I’ve been up since 5:00 and need that shot of caffeine right about now!  Have a good day and remember to be kind!  And when November comes, VOTE!